Referee Fees

Age Group Players Halves Roster Min Roster Max Ref AR Team 2 Centers Team (2 Centers)
U9/10 7v7 25 min 7 14 38 28 47 45 45
U11/12 9v9 30 min 7 16 46 36 59 56 56
U13/14 11v11 35 min 7 18 52 42 68 - -
U15/16 11v11 40 min 7 22 58 48 77 - -
U17 and up 11v11 45 min 7 22 64 54 86 - -


Ref Fee Responsibility

Each team is responsible for half the ref fees.


Referees are assigned by your club's referee assignor. You must coordinate with them as well as your field scheduler when self scheduling.


Game Officials

1. Games shall be officiated by the three (3) man FIFA/US Soccer/US Youth Soccer Referee System.

2. Before the start of the game each team shall pay its share of the referee fees. The referee fees are established in the League Rules.

3. If the Referee assigned by the home team fails to appear within 10 minutes after the scheduled start of the game, a certified Referee, appropriate for the age group of the teams playing, and willing to, shall officiate the game. If no Referee is available/willing, the game shall be rescheduled on the visiting team's home field in accordance with the rain-out rule.

4. In the event no one is found to serve as Assistant Referee, the home team will provide a club linesman. A referee cannot refuse the use of a club linesmen, however, a certified Referee, regardless of the person’s club affiliation, will always serve as an Assistant Referee prior to using a club linesman. In no event is a two-man referee system to be used. Penalty for use of a two-man referee system shall be forfeiture of the match by each team.

5. A Referee or Assistant Referee appointed under the provisions hereof shall be paid the applicable fee provided for in the CPL fee schedule. A club linesman is not paid.

6. If an Assistant Referee fails to show, and a club linesman is used, each team shares the cost of the Referee and the home team pays the cost of the Assistant Referee. Neither official is paid an amount greater than provided for in the CPL fee schedule.

7. If neither Assistant Referee shows, and a certified Referee is not found to replace both of them, two club linesmen will be used, and the home team pays the cost of the Referee provided for in the CPL fee schedule, and not a greater amount.